Ally Wanagitis



I am a Bakersfield Native, Born and raised right here in Kern County. I learned at a very young age that if I wanted something it was going to require hard work to get it and that if I committed to doing something the only option was to follow through. Because of that philosophy, I have been able to overcome a lot of diversity and challenge which allowed me to have a very successful 20+ year long career in the HVAC/Construction industry. I now look forward to having that same success as a Realtor, I have even had the privilege of my previous clients using me in their Real Estate transactions!

I am married to my best friend Steve and have two adult children; Kyle and Kelsey who are Centennial graduates and both active duty Military, and one stepson; Trent who is still in High School. I have spent my entire life in this community and because of that, I understand the wants and needs of my Neighbors. Bakersfield is different, it’s not like everywhere else…….., we’re big, but we’re still a small town. Everyone knows someone that has a connection to them. I love this community and now I have the opportunity to work on a whole other level taking care of people of helping to make their dreams of homeownership a reality, THAT IS SO REWARDING !!

ESPECIALLY look forward to the opportunity of helping our Military with homeownership since that is so close to my heart.
For all your Real estate needs, you can reach me at 661-699-7370 or email me at

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