Chrysti Grealish





I grew up in a small town called Lake Isabella and I was raised apart of a large family filled with tons of laughter and love. I watched my mom work hard to provide for 8 children. With that I learned honesty, integrity, respect and how to be humble and appreciative in all situations. I am a mom of 5 and my husband and his family own a local rental company on Rosedale HWY and Union Ave,  so we are rooted and believe in our community. Bakersfield gets such a bad rap but we feel so grateful to be able to be apart of and raise children in such a hard working city. I look forward to be able to be one of the people to help you sell or find your dream home. I have love and passion for Bakersfield and I want to be able to contribute to the hard working, honest and family oriented community that Bakersfield provides through real estate and giving back through my church and through The Realtors Association.


I can be reached at 661-431-9490 or by email at